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Terms and Conditions for Online PRE-ADMISSION Formalities / Registration - 2021-2022

These Terms and Conditions are applicable for all the students / parents / guardians applying for admission in Fransalian School of Excellence, Aurangabad. Please read the Terms and Conditions carefully.


Admission open in NURSERY, LKG, UKG, and Classes I,V, VI & VIII for the Academic Year 2021–2022. Those who wish to register the names of their ward/s can do so from 21st December 2020 till the vacancies are filled thereafter the online registration will be closed. Fill in the form online & take a printout & submit to the school office along with the documents / records required (mentioned below) between 05th January 2021 to 10th January 2021 (Submission time 9:00am to 11.30am).

N.B : No Forms will be accepted after 10th January 2021


Definitions :

  1. 1.  The School – Fransalian School of Excellence, Aurangabad, proposed to be affiliated to the CBSE Board.

  2. 2.  The Student – The person who has taken admission for studying their academic programme at FSE (Fransalian School of Excellence).

  3. 3.  Fee Payer – Person responsible for the payment of fees. Hereafter the ‘Fee Payer’ may be the parent, guardian or their designated Agent acting on their behalf.

  4. 4.  Parent – All-natural Guardians, whether they are married or not, divorced, any person who, although not a natural parent, has parental responsibility for a child or young person or any person who, although not a natural parent, has care of a child or young person (having care of a child or young person means that the child lives with and is looked after by that person, irrespective of what their relationship is).

  5. 5.  Guardian - A person who has been appointed by a judge to take care of a minor child personally and/or manages that person’s affairs.

  6. 6.  Carer – , who cares for a child under 18 years of age.

  7. 7.  Agent – The person or organization that the Parent, Guardian, Carer or Student has entered into a contract with directly for the provision of services relating to educational choices advisory.



Please read these conditions carefully and make sure that you have read and understood all of these conditions and confirm that you accept these conditions when you sign / submit the registration form.

  1. 1.  Admission to Any Class will depend on vacancies and will be done at the beginning of the academic year.

  2. 2.  The child to be admitted should complete 5½ years for “Class I" on 30th September of the year of admission.

  3. 3.  For Pre-primary and Class I admission, the age criteria is given below:

    Class Age
    Nursery 3+
    LKG 4+
    UKG 5+
    I 6+

  4. 4.  The age criteria for admission is to be followed very strictly as per the rules and guidelines laid down by the board and department. Children who fall under these age criteria only are eligible to seek admission to NURSERY, LKG and UKG and Class I.

  5. 5.   Prescribed online forms, which are to be duly filled in by parents giving details about initial eligibility of the child for application for admission to the School to be submitted online and print out to be taken of the same and submitted to the school office.

  6. 6.  Parents who find hard / difficult to do Online Admission Formalities are to collect the form from the school office by paying Rs.50/- only.

  7. 7.  The required information should be entered legibly and readably in the offline form.

  8. 8.  Incomplete forms & forms with wrong information or illegible entries will be rejected at the time of submission / even after submission.

  9. 9.  Mere submission of the Registration Forms / Selection of candidates does not guarantee admission.

  10. 10.  Bringing recommendation for admission is strongly discouraged.

  11. 11.  Being a Private, Unaided, Minority School, the head of the institution reserves the full right to accept or reject any application without citing the reason for his/her action.

  12. 12.  The Following Documents / Records to be submitted along with the Registration Form are:

    •     i.   Photostat of Birth Certificate from Municipality / Gram Panchayat (self- attested).

    •     ii.   Photostat of Caste certificate (of father) (self-attested)– for Class I only.

    •     iii.   Two recent passport size colour photographs of the child / candidate.

    •     iv.   An affidavit by the guardian, in case the child is under the custody of a guardian and not parents, explaining his/her relationship and reasons for his/her guardianship.

    •     v.   Photostat of Baptism Certificate duly attested by the Parish Priest / Pastor of the church, in case the candidate is a Christian.

    •     vi.  Photostat of Aadhar Card of child.

    •     vi.  Photostat of Aadhar Card and PAN Card of both parent.

  13. 13.  Rs.500/- as Online / Offline Registration Fee will be charged. The amount of fees received along with the application form is non- refundable. The payment at the time of registration does not in any way confirm the seat in the said choice by student.

  14. 14.  No change in the child's Date of Birth will be accepted at a later stage.

  15. 15.  If two applications are submitted for one and the same child, both will be rejected.

  16. 16.  It must be noted that since an equal number of boys and girls to be admitted, it is not possible to admit all the applicants who are interacted / diagnostic test taken.

  17. 17.  Admission to any class is entirely at the discretion of the management and is strictly on the basis of merit.

  18. 18.  Admission obtained submitting false documents, birth dates, and addresses etc. will be cancelled even at a later stage.

  19. 19.  The School Enables Students/Parents to apply for the admission through website portal www.fransalianschool.com

  20. 20.  Procedure as follows:

       Option-1 :

    •     Go to Google - type www.fransalianschool.com

    •     Click on Fransalian School of Excellence

    •     Read the Pre-Admission Formalities carefully

    •     Click on Online Registration Form 2021-22

    •     Fill the Form Completely and save it.

    •     Pay Registration fees of Rs.500/-. Take the Print of the Registration Form and Receipt of Rs.500/- and submit to the school office with the necessary documents.

    •     The institute will not provide the copies of the same.

    •     The school shall not be responsible, if the payment is refused or declined by the credit/debit card supplier for any reason. The school does not warranty the availability of online Payment System every time.

    •     Parents are to bear the "BANK” charge for the ONLINE Payment service.

    •     It is compulsory to submit all the necessary documents (Photocopy /xerox) even if the documents are uploaded online.

       Option-2 :

    •     Visit the school office, collect Offline Registration Form, fill the Form Completely and submit to the school office with the necessary documents.

  21. N.B: Last Date for the submission is 10.01.2021

  22. 21.  The school timings are: (Nursery, LKG, UKG – 8.30 am to 12.30 pm), (I to VIII – 7.30 am to 1.55 pm).

  23. 22.  It is imperative that the admitted children be provided with the prescribed school uniform, books and stationery before the session begins.

  24. 23.  It will be sole responsibility of the parent/guardian to make necessary arrangements for transport of children to and from school.

  25. 24.  The school does not provide with any of the food facility, Tiffin should be send with your child.

  26. 25.  No Refund request is entertained.

  27. 26.  If a parent withdraws his / her ward’ admission in the middle of the academic year, the parent/guardian is to clear all dues before applying for the TC.

  28. 27.  After the reminder, in cases of extreme or repeated failure to make fee payment by the due date, the student may be prevented from sitting examinations or the results of examinations or other information may be withheld where fees remain unpaid in whole or in part.

  29. 28.  Even in case of natural calamity/disaster or Act of God, if the school continues to conduct online/ virtual classes or through any other mode the Fee Payer should appreciate the same and pay the fees regularly to avoid inconvenience to the student’s academic year.

  30. 29.  The school does not accept responsibility or liability whatsoever, including liability through the acts, omissions or negligence of the student, for the student’s personal property.

  31. 30.  Any damage to the school property by the students, will be fined / chargeable.

  32. 31.  By enrolling with the School, the Student, Parents, Guardians or Carers for the student, and the Fee Payer, consent to the reasonable use of the student’s details and academic achievements, including images or recordings of the student howsoever made, for promotional purposes.

  33. 32.  Any information provided to the School may be held on computer and shall be used by the school in accordance with its data protection registration and the data protection principles.

  34. 33.  Parents and students also agree that the school may administer first aid. And in emergency when required, intimate the same to the parent to pick up the child from school with the Gate - pass.

  35. 34.  The Parents, Guardians or Carers of the student are to give their consent to the student and to the school participating in all school trips and other activities off school premises and for the same the students will be charged separately.

  36. 35.  Fransalian School of Excellence, Aurangabad, reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.

N.B: In case if the admission is not confirmed within the time period given, your ward’s admission will be treated as cancelled.