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Patron Saint – St. Francis de Sales(SFS), a saint of the Catholic Church, born on 21st August 1567, at Thorens near Annecy, France, is the patron of Saint of the Congregation of fransalians. He was ordained a priest on the 18th of December 1593 and was consecrated as a Bishop in 1602. Francis was a pioneer missionary to publish the printed word of God. In 1608 , he published the “Introduction to devout life” and the “Treatise on the love of God” in 1616. He was beatified in 1661 and cannonised in 1665. Pope Pius IX proclaimed him Doctor of the Church in 1877.

He was a dynamic pastor, about a dozen missionary congregations hail the name of this spiritual genius by following his principles and practicing his virtues of patience, gentleness courage, spirit of poverty, self sacrifice etc.


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We are living in the time and space, where the teaching and learning experience is undergoing tremendous change. We have reached a point where we need less teaching and more technology. If one is not able to cop up with the changing scenario, he is lagging behind the time. So, the challenges are many for an educational institution. Keeping this in mind the Fransalian school of Excellence has undertaken the responsibility of providing quality formal education in the vicinity of Fransalian Technical Institute (FTI). The campus of FTI has become the temple of formal and non-formal education. The aim of education at the Fransalian School of Excellence is to develop an integrated all round personality of a child and to help him to possess a strong moral character. The school also emphasise on spiritual growth, physical growth, emotional growth, and pursuit of virtues, development of creativity and development of intellectual ability. The school is greatly equipped with well qualified and experienced teachers and latest teaching aids to create an excellent teaching leaning experience. I am quite sure the Fransalian School of Excellence is going make a difference in lives of the people in Aurangabad. May our patron of the school St. Francis de Sales bless all of us.
Rev. Fr. Arun Poulose
Fransalian School of Excellence is an effort of Fransalians of Nagpur province to provide quality formal educational services to the people of Aurangabad. This has come to light after many years of service through Fransalian technical Institute (FTI). FTI has been engaging for several years in training the school dropouts through the technical institute. This has made a huge impact on the poor and middle class people of Aurangabad. It also helps the students to be self-sufficient through small scale industries through printing press, which is in line with Make in India programme of Government. The idea about providing formal education sprouted when the people of the area requested the Fransalians to start formal educational institution in Aurangabad. Taking into consideration the demands of the people, FTI decided to start a formal educational institute in its own campus. The foundation stone was laid on 28th August 2016. The huge number of enquires show that the school has an overwhelming acceptance of the people of this area. The Fransalians are committed to provide quality education rooted upon human dignity and fear of God. I welcome all the stakeholders to participate whole heartedly in making the teaching-leaning experience an excellent one.
Rev. Fr. John Dive